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Visual Studio 2013 Hosting - :: How Visual Studio 2013's Editor Eliminates Parentheses Pain

clock January 7, 2014 10:02 by author Mike

Visual Studio 2013 is New versions of Visual Studio usually coincide with updates to the .NET Framework and one of our biggest releases yet. It comes purpose-built to help you thrive in an environment in which ideas are at a premium and speed is of the essence.

With Visual Studio 2013, even the little improvements can make a big difference in your work. Keep up your rhythm going with automatic bracket completion and keyboard shortcuts for moving lines and blocks of code.

Visual Studio 2013 has been out in preview since Microsoft’s BUILD conference last month. One simple but useful feature that has been added? Whenever you type in an opening parentheses (whether it’s curly or a regular bracket), its matching counterpart is automatically added.

As the Visual Studio blog points out, this option already existed in the Visual Studio Productivity Power Tools add-on, but is now part of the core product. Called ‘Auto Brace Completion’, it is language sensitive, and covers more than parentheses; in C++, for instance, it adds semi-colons for class types.

Hit the blog post for details of some of the other auto-complete features built into Visual Studio 2013, including a handy 'Peek Definition' feature for viewing definitions without leaving your code. Right now that’s a view-only feature, but Microsoft says it is working on adding edit options for the final release.

Visual Studio 2013 Hosting :: What’s new in Visual Studio 2013?

clock December 12, 2013 05:47 by author Mike

Visual Studio 2013 is New versions of Visual Studio usually coincide with updates to the .NET Framework and one of our biggest releases yet. It comes purpose-built to help you thrive in an environment in which ideas are at a premium and speed is of the essence.

This post lists out the ASP.NET features that you get when you create a project in VS 2013 and a brief introduction about them. Visual Studio 2013 allows you to work interactively with the rendered page markup, fully integrated with the source code that rendered it.

From the .NET developer's perspective, highlights include:

  • Automatic binding redirection support
  • LOH compaction
  • EventSource improvements
  • Better overall performance.
  • 64bit Edit and Continue
  • Better async debugging
  • Call stack visualization
  • Editor improvements
  • Enhanced scrollbar functionality
  • Inline Viewing of definitions
  • Better XAML design time support
  • New Team Explorer home page. It’s a bit more visually appealing and provides access to things like your web based task board. But, my favorite thing of all, is that it includes the list of solutions in your workspace. This gives you an unbelievably nice “home” from which you can navigate to whatever you are looking for. So, as soon as you connect to your Team Project, you can just click on the solution you want to work on and switch between them easily.

love Visual Studio 2013

In addition to the next round of improvements to our web based test case management solution, today Microsoft introduced a preview of a brand new service –cloud load testing. Since VS 2005, Microsoft supported Load Testing. It allows you to validate performance, scale and reliability of your server apps. However, you have to set up and configure your own infrastructure to run load tests. With our new Team Foundation Service based load test solution, you can now load test your apps without configuring any infrastructure. Just use Visual Studio Ultimate Edition to create a load test and point it at Team Foundation Service and soon you have load test results for your application. It is going to be particularly valuable for people building Azure applications who want to verify the scalability of their apps before opening them to a broad user base.

why to love Visual Studio 2013

In my personal opinion it is very useful feature, because right now in 2012 Visual Studio load and perfomance testing so painful and lie gonna be a bit easier after this feature is available. We are using load testing in Azure and it is very nice to find bugs and optimize our projects in further.

Visual Studio 2013

To run a cloud based load test on Team Foundation Service, just create/record a load test and choose the option in your test settings.It keeps getting better. Scott Hanselman for an update on next version of Visual Studio 2013. New ASP.NET dialog, amazing CSS3 support, new scaffolding engine, ASP.NET MVC 5, Web API 2, Web Forms, SignalR 2, and also learn about OWIN, ASP.NET identity improvements and much more!

I am hoping that this post would be a starting point to learn about the new features and then you can drill down into the details of these features.


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