Is it really possible to still make money from web hosting as a hosting reseller?

Well, it's widely recognized that the web hosting reseller business is a lucrative & legitimate way of creating a sustainable online income and an industry that continues to grow.

Not only can you establish a credible & profitable business as a hosting reseller, but it is very easy to set up & doesn't require much at all in the way of capital investment.

In fact if you have a computer & an internet connection you can get started with a monthly investment of around $24.00,
I'm sure you'll agree that you won't get many opportunities that will provide you with everything you need to set up a legitimate & long term business - this is far removed from any online get rich quick scheme.

Furthermore a web hosting reseller business can be run very effectively & professionally from a home based office or to complement an existing business.

Let's examine a few of the issues surrounding the Web Hosting Reseller Business below...

What Exactly is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting in essence is signing up with a reputable web hosting company that caters to resller needs and then using the tools provided to sell your own web hosting packages (under your own branding or label) but using their servers & disc space.

The amount you get from your hosted clients is all yours to keep - your costs are only those that you pay for your monthly reseller hosting package which should be around $24.00 which should also include all the tools you'll need like billing system, website templates etc.

So as you can see it is not only profitable & easy to set up but it is certainly a legitimate way of doing business online - in fact a reseller hosting business can be run from home but appear to be a big corporate web hosting company without all the associated costs of staff, equipment and other overheads.

In conclusion, setting yourself up in the web hosting business as a reseller is not only a real & viable option but certainly beats all the wishy washy hair brained schemes that litter the net these days.