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Windows Server 2008/2012 Hosting :: Unmanaged Dedicated Hosting vs Managed Dedicated Hosting

clock August 6, 2014 08:34 by author Jervis

We believe that you must very familiar with this word “Managed Hosting and Unmanaged Hosting”. What is it about? When you purchase VPS/cloud/dedicated server, you will see 2 option, do you want to use managed or unmanaged hosting. In this post, we will discuss differences between Managed Hosting & Unmanaged Hosting as well as advantages and disadvantages of both. We will more focus in managed hosting.

When you’re buying a house and you have two options. You can buy a home with no strings attached, so that YOU are responsible for cleaning, landscaping, security, and maintenance; OR, you can pay a little extra and have a self-sustaining house that completes all those tasks for you. You can purchase a home that has automatic security and fire protection built in–one that cleans itself, protects itself and magically keeps the lawn and flower beds looking great without any effort on your part. Sounds nice, right?

Well, there’s a chance you might be thinking: Why would I pay extra if I know how to lock the doors, put out a fire, mop the floors, mow the lawn and plant flowers on my own?

Now, imagine you don’t know how to do ANY

of those tasks: If you have no knowledge of how to manage a home, your house will be much better off in the long run if you purchase the fully managed, self-sustaining option. This scenario is much like what small business owners face when confronted with the hosting industry. Often they don’t have the tools or know-how to manage a server on their own, and a fully managed hosting plan can help.

It is same with hosting business. If you choose unmanaged hosting, you simply rent a server from a hosting provider, and the responsibility of managing that server falls on whoever has the most IT experience at a small business.

Well, managed hosting basically provides your small business with an exclusive, out-of-the-office IT department. This type of hosting plan means that a perfectly capable team professionals monitors your dedicated server 24/7/365, keeping your site performing at it’s best at all times. If you don’t have experience to manage the server, then you need to choose this managed service. Same like our description above. Just imagine it. 

Technical Knowledge

There is no doubt on the fact that technical knowledge is a requirement when it comes to managing dedicated and others among web hosting services. However, requirement of technical knowledge is different in managed and unmanaged hosting. The first option does not need you to be an expert in server management and its sections, as one team from your web-hosting provider will be there to manage your cloud or dedicated server. Although the full list may be quite long, main responsibilities of team include server configuration, maintenance, security, sufficient upgrades, firewall services, backup services etc. In other words, once you have purchased managed web server, you do not have to be concerned about managing the technical aspect of your server. So, when you want to manage your website, you can log into the control panel and do things as you do in shared web servers.

Nevertheless, unmanaged web hosting is quite opposite in this aspect! Things that come with an unmanaged dedicated are the physical server itself and initial installation procedure. This also means that you will have to do everything else except these. The list of tasks includes software upgrades, security, frequent maintenance, etc. Thus, an unmanaged dedicated needs you to be an expert in terms of server management, in its all aspects. So, we would say that you should go for managed hosting if you want to skip hassles of server management.

Security System

When it comes to the case of security of web server, managed dedicated grabs the first price, because the team behind the web host will be more than enough to keep your server and websites secure from almost every possible threat. But, unmanaged server cannot, even if you have hired an effective team for maintenance, guarantee that much security. So, when you want to be less concerned about security section of your web server, you should choose managed dedicated with no doubt.

What is Benefits of Managed Hosting:


Hosting providers have the tools and experience to monitor and handle your security issues properly: they filter spam, scan for viruses, run security audits, configure software firewalls, and provide OS updates.


Lost data can be detrimental and expensive for a company. In many cases a natural disaster is to blame for a significant loss of data, but a hosting provider has procedures to deal with data loss and provide secure, backed up data after such a situation occurs.

Monitoring Server:

This is the process of constantly scanning the server for any problems or irregularities, and it’s crucial for your small business. System admins will ensure network availability for your clients by constant monitoring.

Managed Storage & Database:

System admins will save you money by managing your storage needs with the help of a managed services provider, so that the amount of space needed is managed properly and scaled properly. Managing of the database is more complicated, and it’s conducted by a database admin that can effectively design the best database to meet your company’s specific needs and requirements.


Indeed, pricing is a significant factor while choosing between managed hosting and unmanaged hosting! As you may have guessed, managed web servers cost more than unmanaged web server, as such, servers offer assistance as well as support. However, if you do not have enough technical knowledge about web servers, purchasing an unmanaged web server means purchase of a team that is capable of maintaining the server in its optimum functional condition.


Whether you choose unmanaged and managed hosting, you don’t need to worry to spend a lot of money as we have affordable windows cloud dedicated server that we believe it will suits your requirement. Please visit cheap cloud dedicated server price on our site. Our cheap windows cloud dedicated server start from only $18.00/month. You can choose managed or unmanaged service.

Windows Cloud Server Hosting :: Windows Cloud Server Technology

clock May 6, 2013 06:11 by author Ben

For folks that do not know technologies, it maybe some what hard to comprehend Cloud desktop. Online desktop is an essential application when one requires remote access to the desktop data through Windows cloud server. This requires a good net service. You can be virtually at any place and yet be connected and read the personal PC files. The Online desktop technologies won't hold data on the real PC. All data is retained remotely. This facility keeps files secure in a centralized location that could not be hacked by interlopers. Even if your cellular device gets misplaced, the useful information is still safe. There are many advantages of taking benefit of online desktop. This will support in creating newer work machines quickly. This application presents flexible and trustworthy options with which companies and other providers may get secure terminals. Cloud computing raises the steadiness of IT setup and develops technology supervision skills of a enterprise via an handy consulting expert. Increasing processing power, network and storage bandwidth is achieved effortlessly. This control implies an agency can upgrade or downgrade cloud capabilities as the firm expands or market requirements changes, holding IT spending to minimum.

There is no requirement for getting and keeping IT staff as needs shifts so the organization saves on engaging, training and keeping spending. Information and readiness are the most important elements for success in any industry. The structure that substantiates critical data must be kept in a stable and dependable environment. Desktop Sharing service with Windows cloud server is employed commonly in firms that provide scientific and computer service. It will give an expert to perform on the computer as if they are sitting facing the screen. The professional may use software, fix viruses, change settings and do nearly anything except hardware issues. Some folks are anxious about a hackers gaining access of their PC, but truly it is highly safe. When someone attempts to connect to the computer, Desktop Sharing programs will inquire about that user and confirm permissions before enabling the connection. While the professional is working the client can see everything that is being done on the Windows and observe everywhere the consultant clicks.

In reality, if the client is not wary they might mistakenly take control back from the expert by moving the mouse. There are several web-based services that permit Desktop Sharing. If you need to read your files and computer application from varied places, then it is pretty shrewd to use the overwhelming remote access service through Windows cloud server. This application is an innovative way of solution for both moderate and broad scale organizations. Even people could install this application. Several individuals find it tricky to work with but these days this service is highly user friendly as well as inexpensive. If you choose to utilize the remote desktop application you must recognize its utilities and functions. Remote access is pretty protected and impenetrable. It has the potential to guard multi-layered data. You could hold your individual files protected. It stores your important files automatically and reads them properly.

A lot of commercials related to this can be seen on the internet. In networking in the future, cloud computing is the latest wave. It is from different kinds of systems that resources get pooled together for allocation to applications and processes in cloud hosting. In the case of resource sharing, the resources of all home computers can be combined.

Customization and Highest Functionality

However in the case of businesses, not many resources are available at their disposal that is required for running the regular applications and processes for running of businesses. Business keen on cloud networking can consider services of any of the companies offering network cloud server hosting and specializing in cloud hosting.

From the cloud server hosting company you can buy your resources offering required customizations and functionalities from the network in the same way as offered via a physical server of a traditional hosting solution. You do not have to face any kind of issue and hassles related to the hardware as far as maintenance is concerned. For the cloud hosting service taken, a particular fee has to be paid on a monthly basis.

Simplified and Easy To Use Service

There is no longer a physical server to manage your network since it is managed in a virtual environment. Benefits of a cloud hosting service are many. It is an easy to use and it is a simple service. As compared to a dedicated server the options offered by a cloud server are many. On each of the counts actually they compare in a favorable manner. As per the needs, fully customized solutions in networking are offered.

To transfer data, the reliability and speed that are essential is offered by the cloud hosting solution. Since the networking technology is virtually private, the cloud server is secure and good as though it is a dedicated server. Physical servers offer functionalities that are advanced. Similar functionalities are also offered by the cloud hosting services as well.

Surpasses Capabilities of Dedicated Servers

As technology keeps advancing this option is sure to surpass the capability of a dedicated server. The alternative now available does not lead to any kind of frustration and is affordable at the same time. For many of the online businesses the cloud hosting service proves to be an attractive option.

Maintenance is done remotely and the requirement of hardware is as minimal as possible. There is increased possibility of upgrades too also leading to savings. In these times when there is recession in the economy, considering a cloud hosting service will surely prove to be most beneficial for your internet business.

Author is expert content writer for cloud server and you can save your money & own server management time with effective cloud hosting services.

Windows Cloud Server Hosting :: Why Choose Windows Cloud Server?

clock May 6, 2013 05:52 by author Ben

The web hosting industry has evolved greatly in the last few years. One standout feature of this industry has been the emergence of new types of web hosting plans. Cloud Hosting is one such hosting plan that is being discussed by everyone in the web industry. It is the newest web hosting plan available in the market that has various new exciting features. So let us find out what exactly Cloud Server Hosting is and what its various benefits are.

Web hosting that is achieved using a Cloud Server set up is known as Cloud Hosting. In simple terms it is defined as a hosting plan that is carried out by several linked servers. A website that gets hosted via a Cloud Server set up has a high processing power and very little downtime as it has several servers at its disposal. This hosting plan consists of network of connected servers that provide reliable space for hosting a website. This technology is known to be highly upgradeable and expansion can be done without having many difficulties. A website can also be expanded without any major problem.

Cloud Server Hosting offers its users with several benefits. It is considered highly scalable and economical for a user. The scalability feature allows the user to expand his website without facing problems regarding lack of space. It also prevents a website from any type of server crash, as the website gets hosted from multiple linked servers. It also helps a user to cut IT costs as there is minimum downtime or service disruption. Another advantage of this hosting plan is that addition and cutting of resources can be done with great ease. The companies that offer Cloud Computing services to its customers bill their customers on the amount of computing power used by the user, just like a typical electricity bill.

This web hosting plan is often said to provide the benefits of dedicated hosting at shared hosting prices. It is largely being promoted as one of the most reasonably priced, reliable and extremely scalable service. This service has permitted business to expand and established themselves as leading organizations. When choosing a Cloud Computing provider a user is recommended to review several companies that offer this service. Doing so will help a user to make a right decision and obtain the right service provider. Hope after reading this most of your questions would have been answered.

The main advantage of cloud hosting is the reliability that comes with using a group of servers rather than just relying on one. With this form of hosting, if a server malfunctions or goes down another server can ‘step in’ and pick up the slack. With dedicated hosting if the server goes down, your website will go down with it. By using the cloud to host your website you can enjoy very high levels of uptime and almost completely minimise downtime. Using hosting in the cloud also means that businesses can have access to high quality servers and technology that they may not be able to provide otherwise.

Using cloud hosting is also advantageous in terms of bandwidth. If your site unexpectedly attracts high levels of traffic, instead of slowing the site down and reducing its performance, another server can provide extra resources. This can be especially useful for websites that have high levels of traffic in a particular month in the year, for example music festival websites often have extremely high traffic levels when the tickets are first released. Smaller businesses, in particular, can benefit from this feature of cloud web hosting as it means as their website grows their hosting plan can grow and adapt with it.

One of the main concerns that many people have with cloud web hosting is the price. However, the cost of cloud hosting has actually fallen in the past few years. Helpfully for small businesses, many companies will only charge for the amount of resources you actually use. This means that smaller websites will not have to pay extremely high rates for using numerous servers. It also benefits those who can manage their resources well. In some cases the price for cloud hosting is only slightly above the price for normal shared hosting.

Some of the advantages of cloud web hosting are also true for other web hosting options such as colocation. Not having the server/s onsite will save space and time for companies. As the servers are maintained and looked after by the hosting company, the IT team in a business will have more time to devote elsewhere. With many businesses looking to prove their ‘green’ credentials and show what they are doing to reduce their impact on the environment, cloud hosting can be very useful. As servers need to be kept at very specific temperatures in order to function properly, the energy costs for a company can be reduced if the servers are not in-house.

Cloud hosting is likely to become even more prominent in the web hosting landscape as it can be very advantageous to small and large businesses alike. The concerns about its cost are slowly being alleviated as the price for cloud web hosting schemes continues to fall. The reliability of this kind of hosting scheme is something that will interest many people as having less down-time is a priority for many businesses. Using the cloud for hosting will very likely become the norm in the next few years.


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