mojoPortal is another open source CMS option based upon the .NET framework. It has a very active developer group and is consistently being updated. While it is free to download and use, there are a number of commercial add-ons that are used to help fund the project. When it comes to developing your own applications, many people prefer mojoPortal because it can act as a starter kit for advanced .NET sites or portals.

mojoPortal is also considered to be very strong as a standalone CMS. It is easy to learn and very simple to use. It includes a variety of different tools such as blogs, photo galleries, chat, newsletters, pools, forums, and much more. It also has a very strong community which makes troubleshooting extremely simple.

Here is the tutorial how to recover password login on your mojoPortal site :

However, in order to use this feature you require login e-mail which you used either at the time of installation or while updating the site later on.

Sometimes, you will forget password but your login e-mail id will be the default provided by the installer –

In such a scenario, you need to dig deep into the database to find out the password as mentioned below

  1. Open SQL Server 2008 / 2012
  2. You will view a dialog named – Connect to Server
  3. Provide the database name, database username and password which you provided at the time of mojoportal installation process.
  4. If you installed MojoPortal through Web App Gallery from within WebsitePanel then you need to search for “user.config” file from the file manager and fetch the required credentials.
  5. If the provided credentials are correct then you will be logged into SQL Server. Locate your database from the navigation panel located on the left hand side.
  6. Expand the database name, then Tables and locate the table name – dbo.mp_Users
  7. Right click on the above mentioned table and select the option – Select Top 1000 Rows
  8. SQL Server will display the list of entries under each column. By default, it will only show details of Admin user. However, you will view more entries if your site is bit old and users have registered on the site.
  9. In order to view the password of admin user, you need to scroll horizontally until you see the column name – Pwd.

It is to be noted that MojoPortal displays passwords as such without any kind of encryption. Hence, you should use very strong password for the database, FTP and administrator user account.