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Windows Hosting - :: How to Reset Admin Password in Windows Server 2012 R2

clock August 1, 2016 19:59 by author Armend

How to Reset Admin Password in Windows Server 2012 R2

Windows Server 2012 R2 brings a host of new features that greatly enhance the functionality of the operating system. Many of these improvements expand on existing capabilities of Windows Server 2012.  The new product also benefits from having the capability of performing at a much higher level than previous servers and comes equipped with an integrated virtualization platform.


In this article I will tell you about how to reset Windows Server 2012 R2 lost admin password. The answer is not absolute. For example, if you have password reset disk or another administrator available, Windows server 2012 r2 lost admin password would be reset instantly.
Or if you have backup Windows system status with disk, such as Windows system restore disc, you could restore Windows server 2012 r2 to early system point.
Even though there are not anything available for recovering server 2012 r2 password, Windows system 2012 r2 installation disk and third-party recovery tool would help you too.

First, Windows system installation disk reset Windows server 2012 r2 admin password.
Preparation: a copy of Windows server 2012 r2 installation disk
The key step of resetting server 2012 r2 admin password with installation disk is to replace Utilman.exe.

  • Boot off Windows disk and select the "Repair your computer" option from the lower left-hand corner.
  • Get to the option to open the Command Prompt.
  • Type the following commands to back up the utilman.exe file:
  • MOVE C:WindowsSystem32Utilman.exe C:WindowsSystem32Utilman.exe.bak
  • Copy cmd.exe and rename it Utilman.exe.
  • COPY C:WindowsSystem32cmd.exe C:WindowsSystem32Utilman.exe
  • Now you can go ahead and reboot your machine. When it's done booting up again and you are at the Logon screen click on the Ease of access icon.
  • Now you have replaced Utilman.exe with cmd.exe.
  • Command Prompt opens, type following commands:
  • .net user administrator *

Once you press Enter, you will be asked to set a new password and then confirm it. When entering new one, don't worry if you can't see it, because it is invisible, however it has been remembered.
Once you're logged in again, don't forget to delete Utilman.exe and then rename Utilman.exe.bak back to plain old Utilman.exe.

Second, reset server 2012 r2 admin password with third-party Windows password genius.
Windows Password Genius has four versions available, standard, professional, and advanced and raid. And the raid version is special, because it works for raid server Windows domain or local admin password reset. The advanced is general version, working on both server and client computers.

So choose appropriate Windows password recovery version to burn a password reset disk and then recover Windows server administrator password.
Preparation: Windows Password Genius Advanced/Raid, available computer and bootable USB drive.

  • Install Windows Password Genius Raid, and run it on available computer.
  • Insert bootable USB drive into this available computer and choose USB, click "Begin burning" to create password reset disk with USB.
  • Exit USB device after it is successfully burned with password reset disk.
  • Plug USB into server 2012 r2 and boot server from USB.
  • Recovery tool program runs, and then choose Windows system - Windows serve 2012 r2, and select user account - administrator.
  • Click "Reset Password", the administrator would be set with new password "[email protected]".

At last, reboot server computer to finish Windows password reset. But remember to exit USB reset disk from server before your server computer boots from hard disk successfully.

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Windows Reseller Hosting - :: Best Practices windows cloud server security

clock April 27, 2016 20:57 by author Armend

More and more we are helping people get set up on  Windows cloud servers here at .  While dedicated server solutions are the right choice for certain situations, clients are finding the benefits of cloud servers or, in many cases, a hybrid hosting solution to be the perfect fit for their hosting needs. With all this cloud talk, there are several technologies supported on Windows cloud servers that you may not have realized. These options can make the difference when configuring a cloud server solution that will best optimize your site or application.


Firewalls, VPN & SSL in the Cloud

The best practices of leveraging Virtual Private Networks (VPN), Secure Sockets Layers (SSL) and Firewalls to protect sensitive information on a Windows Cloud Server are recommend and also supported just as they would be with a physical dedicated server. If you’re unsure as to what any of these are and why they are necessary, the following will serve as a summary of each and their benefits.

What is VPN?

Virtual Private Networking is a secure and controlled method of connecting remote networks and users for the purpose of dealing with sensitive information. When using a VPN, all data is encrypted at the source, sent securely to the destination, then decrypted at the destination – assuring that only the previously approved source and destination people or systems can access the data. This is often a necessary element to incorporate in your hosting solution if you are an eCommerce company accessing sensitive back-end data like credit cards or orders, require PCI compliance, or simply need to securely work with remote clients or coworkers regarding sensitive information. A VPN connection allows you to guarantee identity through point-to-point connections and user authentication. While Windows cloud servers are virtual, they retain all the same VPN encrypting capabilities as a dedicated server, giving you complete control over security and privacy of your data. (For more information on Virtual Private Networking.

What is an SSL Connection?

The Secure Socket Layer protocol (SSL) ensures secure transactions between Windows cloud servers and browsers. This is particularly important anytime sensitive information must be transmitted over the open Internet. For example, any sign-up process where personal information is needed, (credit card information, personal data, etc.) would justify use of an SSL connection. You can recognize the use of an SSL connection when you see an “S” included in the URL (https://).
While the technical breakdown of an SSL can be somewhat complicated, it’s important to understand the basic concept of an SSL connection and how important it is inmaintaining security with sensitive information.

What is a Firewall?

A firewall is a security solution designed to only allow safe and trusted connections to whatever it is set to protect. It does this by identifying several pieces of information for all incoming connections, thus blocking access to any unfamiliar or unauthorized sources looking to access that data. The difference between a firewall and an SSL connection is that SSL is used to ensure your sensitive information can be securely sent from a webpage to a server, while a firewall is designed to control direct access to the cloud server itself. A firewall can be used to lock down ports and allow only certain information to be accessible, while keeping other information secure.

Firewall in a Windows Cloud Server

In order to set up a firewall in a Windows cloud server configuration, various steps must be taken to optimize the firewall for the cloud – but depending on your hosting provider, these steps will be covered for you. Once these steps are taken, it is no different than a firewall configured for a dedicated physical server.
Note: In addition to base intrusion detection and firewall protection offered at our network core, our Windows Cloud Servers come with free built-in Windows Firewall service that can be used to lock down ports and restrict access with a focus on the specific needs of your server – assuring that only the ports needed are opened and only available to the users or systems that need the sensitive access.

Cloud Server Security Best Practices

The above security steps are important in and of themselves, but they also serve as a baseline for achieving PCI Compliance, something in which we at are well versed. So, whether you’re looking to sure up your security as a best practice, or find yourself needing to implement the above steps in accordance with the PCI Security Standard Council, Windows cloud server hosting offers all the tools available on a dedicated server configuration, but often with several added benefits.

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ASP.NET Hosting - :: How to Rank the Windows Hosting

clock April 19, 2016 20:01 by author Armend

How to Rank the Windows Hosting

To choose the really reliable Windows hosting, we follow the below guidelines.

#Operation System

The web hosting based on Windows server 2012 edition is ranked higher than the previous editions. Windows server 2012 has better performance, better stability, less consumption of system resources and high security. And it supports the best web server IIS 8.0 in Windows platform so far, which integrates with the ASP.NET pipeline much better than IIS 8.5/7.0


#Database System

ASP.NET applications work better with MSSQL than MySQL or PostgreSQL database. And the Windows web hosting supported MSSQL 2008 R2 gets a higher grade than MSSQL2005 and MSSQL2000. Feature and benefits in MSSQL2008 are better than the previous version of MSSQL, such as encrypt to enhance security, data compression to save disk space, parallel computing to accelerate speed, less consumption of system resource, and so on.

#DotNET Framework

The Windows hosting with support to multiple .NET framework versions especially .NET Framework V4 has a higher score in the ranking. The more versions supported the less compatible problems you may encounter, which also provides you more scalability to upgrade the websites later.

#Control Panel

Plesk is ranked as the No.1 control panel for Windows web hosting, and DotNETPanel, H-Sphere and other types have its advantage and disadvantage. We graded these types of control panels with different scores.


Reliability is the factor must be considered. It is evaluated by different criteria, we list these indicators below.

  • Uptime
  • Pre-install anti-virus software
  • Pre-install firewall
  • Network
  • Stable Datacenter

The best Windows web hosting listed above are ranked on these criteria, and all the 3 best windows web hosting truly meet the highest standards, which can powerful enough to run your website.

Pros and Cons of Windows Web Hosting

In fact, the Windows hosting solution is not as popular as the Linux hosting service. To give you a better understanding about this hosting type, we have listed some strong points and weak points of Windows web hosting.

The Strong Points

If your web host is a reliable and quality hosting provider, this hosting type can even achieve a more stable running than the normal Linux hosting solution.
It is surely multilingual that supports multiple scripting languages we have covered nowadays.
This hosting type is surely easy-to-use due to the immense popularity of Microsoft technologies. With it, there is no need to for you run the command line.
If you do not have enough experiences and knowledge of hosting, this type of hosting solution is arguably easier for you for the management tasks.

The Weak Points

Windows hosting is surely expensive. After all, the system of Windows is not free to use, but requires you to pay for the license fee. In addition, Windows can only be got from the official site or a few appointed agents, so there are almost no chances for you to get some lower charges or the attractive promotional campaign.
If you want to install some PHP based plugins, extensions and modules, the Windows hosting may fail to work well due to the compatibility issue.
Generally, PHP cannot work effectively with IIS as compared with Apache. For webmasters who are running a PHP based application, the 500 error might occur constantly.
Your web hosts may give you little flexibility for customizing and configuring your web servers.
If you want to use WordPress to set up and control your website, the Windows hosting service may fail to ensure you a good experience.

ASP.NET Hosting - :: How to Prevent ASP.NET Website From Multiple Database Request

clock October 26, 2015 20:44 by author Dan

It is not good to execute multiple db request for loading single page.  Review your database code to see if you have request paths that go to the database more than once. Each of those round-trips decreases the number of requests per second your application can serve. By returning multiple resultsets in a single database request, you can cut the total time spent communicating with the database.

In order to improve performance you should execute single stored proc and bring multiple resultset in to single db request.  In this article i will explain you how to avoid multiple database request and how to bring multiple resultset into single db request.

Consider a scenario of loading a Product Page, which displays

  • Product Information and
  • Product Review Information

In order to bring 2 database request in single db request, your sql server stored proc should be declared as below.

SQL Server Stored Proc

 @ProductId bigint,

--Product Information
Select ProductId,
From Product
Where ProductId = @ProductId

--Product Review Information
Select  ReviewerName,
From ProductReview
Where ProductId = @ProductId, C# Code to bring multiple db request into single db request

Code Inside Data Access Class Library (DAL)

public DataSet GetProductDetails()
SqlCommand cmdToExecute = new SqlCommand();
cmdToExecute.CommandText = "GetProductDetails";
cmdToExecute.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure;
DataSet dsResultSet = new DataSet();
SqlDataAdapter adapter = new SqlDataAdapter(cmdToExecute);

    var conString = System.Configuration.ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["ConnStr"];
    string strConnString = conString.ConnectionString;
    SqlConnection conn = new SqlConnection(strConnString);

    cmdToExecute.Connection = conn;

    cmdToExecute.Parameters.Add(new SqlParameter("@ ProductId", SqlDbType.BigInt, 8, ParameterDirection.Input, false, 19, 0, "", DataRowVersion.Proposed, _productId));

    //Open Connection

    // Assign proper name to multiple table
    adapter.TableMappings.Add("Table", "ProductInfo");
    adapter.TableMappings.Add("Table1", "ProductReviewInfo");

    return dsResultSet;             
catch (Exception ex)
    // some error occured.
    throw new Exception("DB Request error.", ex);

Code Inside .aspx.cs page

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
   if (Request.QueryString[ProductId] != null)
      long ProductId = Convert.ToInt64(Request.QueryString[ProductId].ToString()); 
      DataSet dsData = new DataSet();

      //Assuming you have Product class in DAL
      ProductInfo objProduct = new ProductInfo();
      objProduct.ProductId = ProductId;
      dsData = objProduct.GetProductDetails();

      DataTable dtProductInfo = dsData.Tables["ProductInfo"];
      DataTable dtProductReviews = dsData.Tables["ProductReviewInfo"];

      //Now you have data table containing information
      //Make necessary assignment to controls


Finish, Happy coding.

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Windows Hosting - :: Which is better Online Or Offline Windows Server Backup?

clock June 25, 2015 06:23 by author Dan

The backup can also be initiated with certain scheduled activities or based mostly on time. A very good support will provide a total answer alongside with round the clock guidance and remote management functionalities. Knowledge forms the core of any company, and windows server backup plays a essential position in securing your data in the experience of all hazards and offers seamless recoverability following a catastrophe.

Backing up server (computer systems, numerous server plans and other apps) is essential in purchase to keep organization continuity. And offered the wants and scope of the IT nowadays, remote server backup for digital setup is getting to be increasingly crucial. Companies are deploying virtual servers into their IT atmosphere and so it is crucial to style and employ a disaster restoration prepare for digital setting.

Remote server backup equipment for digital surroundings

There are many choices accessible in the market place when it will come to backing up virtual servers, but when picking a 3rd party resource for distant server backup, it is essential o choose a instrument which can differentiate among a physical and virtualized atmosphere. A digital equipment (VM) exists as an picture file on a bodily server, housing the OS with configuration options, programs and the corresponding info. Say if a VM file is allotted 200GB on the difficult travel and only 100GB is utilized, the digital server backup will identify it as a VM file and will back again up only that 100GB of information in distinction to a standard backup instrument, which would back again it up as a 200GB file.

Assigning storage place for distant server backup (digital server)

Even though a virtual server setting may possibly have a storage area community (SAN) keeping the VM documents, it is advisable to execute disk-to-disk backup to economical storage disks. Digital server backup resources consider a level-in-time snapshot of the VM impression and only the changes manufactured in the original are stored in the backup copy. Consequently it is observed that storage needs for virtual backup would not increase substantially above the time period and receiving more disks would not confirm to be an high-priced affair. Nevertheless it should be remembered that deploying a SAN just for virtual server backup can be high-priced. Additionally introducing far more disks to fulfill the mounting storage calls for can additional incorporate to the costs.

Computing and networking prerequisite for remote server backup (in scenario of digital server)

In circumstance of a digital server backup that creates a backup VM, the adjustments produced to the first are synchronized with the backup duplicate. As a result it is important that you 1st decide the methods needed to take care of peak workloads throughout all VMs and then boost CPU allocation so that backups do not consume into the methods allocated to apps. Not like the bodily servers, every single of which is offered a committed network interface card (NIC) for I/O functions, I/O from all VMs is envisioned to use a one NIC creating an I/O bottleneck. For that reason determine the total I/O throughput necessity for backing up VMs and if it is discovered to be on the greater aspect go with SAN-based mostly digital backup that can assistance great LAN pace.

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WIndows Hosting - :: Windows Server Hosting Regarding Superior Productivity

clock June 5, 2015 06:22 by author Dan

Windows server is a chain of operating systems. Windows server can be used on business desktop, laptop, computers and servers. It is a widely acknowledged popular server operating system program. It is known for its ability under different application settings. Windows Server hosting bestows many benefits on the end user organization.

Anytime Anywhere Accessibility and Cost-Effective Solution

Using hosted dedicated Windows Server software ensures lot of time and capital saving. Windows Server hosting service provider enables users to access the hosted data at any time from any place. Users of a cloud computing and application hosting service provider only need an Internet connected device such as a laptop or personal computer or an iPhone, etc. This feature provides ease to the user.

It also allows multiple authorized users to access data simultaneously without any trouble. With this feature you can be far away from each other and still work together without any trouble. It improves collaboration between team members and enhances the ultimate output.

Reliable and Scalable

Windows Server host offers a scalable environment so that variations in business demands can be managed with no trouble. This helps user to save resources and improve return on investment. A cloud hosting service vendor provides high quality data center facilities for storing data. The data centers are situated at regions free from the risk of natural calamities. These data centers are well equipped with all the security tools required to keep the data safe.

Windows Server on Cloud Offers Acute Data Security

Windows Server hosting service providers host software via cloud computing technology, they deploy sophisticated security tools and technologies such as superb robust firewalls, top-notch antispyware, ultra sensitive antivirus software and much more. Windows Dedicated Server hosting service vendor also makes use of burglar and threat detection system, round the clock network checking, etc. The data centers are well equipped with highest possible standards.

The architecture of the threat discovery system provides a novel way of intrusion detection. It moves from identifying attacks to detecting threats and their properties. The architecture provides elasticity to the system so that it can be modified according to different environments. It is also able to use third party components when offered. The intrusion detection system detects the attacks on a network. Each attack is indicated by a warning that is forwarded to the threat classifier for further handling. There are many intrusion detection systems available such as Modsecurity, Snort, Bro, and OSSEC.

OSSEC is an open source and host based IDS. It executes log analysis, file integrity inspection, windows registry monitoring, real time alerting, rootkit detection, and active response. It runs on various operating systems, including AIX, Linux, MacOS, Solaris, HP-UX, and Windows operating system.

Technical Support Services

A cloud hosting service provider which offers Windows server Hosting solution provides round the clock support services to its users. The technical support service is generally free of cost. In case of any problem or query users can contact the certified technical experts and get their issue resolved. This feature eliminates the requirement of hiring in-house IT staff.

Rolling Data Backup

Users of cloud computing service provider get thirty days of rolling data backups. So users with Windows server hosting services don’t have to worry about data storage. If data gets lost or damaged then it can be easily retrieved via host’s server.

Best Windows Shared Hosting Recommendation provides our customers with Plesk Panel, one of the most popular and stable control panels for Windows hosting, as free. You could also see the latest .NET framework, a crazy amount of functionality as well as Large disk space, bandwidth, MSSQL databases and more. All those give people the convenience to build up a powerful site in Our Shared Hosting. We offers Windows hosting starts from $5/month only. We also guarantees 30 days money back and guarantee 99.9% uptime. If you need a reliable affordable Windows Shared Hosting, we should be your best choice.

Windows Shared Hosting - :: Right Solution For Small Business

clock May 29, 2015 06:39 by author Dan

Today the vast reach and popularity of internet has forced most of the businessman to use it as a strong medium for promotion and increasing the sale of their products and services globally. Since windows is the most popular OS in the world, and has captured more than half of the world's market, Windows Hosting is widely in demand. Such type of web service is compatible on both dedicated servers as well as shared hosting.

The user-friendly nature and simple working of Windows has made hosting highly affordable, reliable, worthy and feature rich. Sites that are created using different Microsoft applications and scripts can only be hosted on Windows servers. The corporate hosting for small and medium enterprises is ideally done on shared web servers whereas for large organizations dedicated servers will be the best. The streamlined working of MS system allows SQL, ASP and other similar scripts to run easily on dedicated and shared web hosting services.

A professional, eye-catching web site can effectively increase the sales and services of organization. Any growing company would like to get a state of the art website to promote its business in the best possible manner, but at the most reasonable price. And since Microsoft provides the best and simple developing platform, the site designed using MS specific resources are highly customized and attractive.

In order to be on web, one needs to host the site either using dedicated server or shared web server. But as compare to dedicated web hosting, shared one is economical and a good choice for firms having limited budget to spend on hosting their business site. Shared hosting done on windows platform stands for a web-hosting service in which one server is inhabited by many websites. Connected to the Internet, the web server is divided into different parts. Each part or section is occupied by one website so that it is separated from the other websites. The maintenance of the web server is shared by many users or website owners; therefore a system administration is a must requirement for proper maintenance.

The advanced web-based control panel system like Plesk, cPanel, Interworx, DirecAdmin and H-sphere are used for Windows Shared Hosting. There are many companies round the globe engaged in web services with different hosting packages.

They offer a complete plan that includes:

- Installing server on Windows OS
- Managing servers
- Regular security updates
- 24/7 Technical support

On the whole the advantages of Windows Shared Hosting are that it is very cost-effective and highly reliable. These email server are provided with sufficient resources to meet the requirements of professional websites that get restricted within a given time period. Because of the scalable feature the required amount of space on these web hosting servers can be increased in accordance with the requirements of the users.

Best Windows Shared Hosting Recommendation provides our customers with Plesk Panel, one of the most popular and stable control panels for Windows hosting, as free. You could also see the latest .NET framework, a crazy amount of functionality as well as Large disk space, bandwidth, MSSQL databases and more. All those give people the convenience to build up a powerful site in Our Shared Hosting. We offers Windows hosting starts from $5/month only. We also guarantees 30 days money back and guarantee 99.9% uptime. If you need a reliable affordable Windows Shared Hosting, we should be your best choice.

Windows Server 2012 Hosting - :: How you can Resolve Home Windows Server 2012 Network Performance Problems

clock October 3, 2014 19:55 by author newuser09876

Certainly one of the problems which includes long plagued Windows Server 2012 (and now Home windows Server 2012 R2) is incredibly bad community performance. This issue doesn't occur on each and every Windows Server deployment, but there's no lack of Home windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2 servers which are impacted by the issue.


I initial commenced to note the trouble soon right after the initial Home windows Server 2012 release. Writing big files to SMB community shares was painfully gradual. The file duplicate exercise seemed to occur in bursts. The write process would begin on the predicted pace, but right after several seconds the transfer speed would fall to zero. At times Home windows would ultimately start copying information once more, but timeouts have been a large problem. All as well often the file duplicate process would just fall short.

Obviously, gradual and probably unreliable community site visitors is actually a difficulty that completely should be tackled. Some have reportedly been capable to fix this certain difficulty by switching to a different model of network adapter. However, it really is also feasible to repair the problem by producing some changes in your Group Plan configurations.

More often than not, the network efficiency difficulties are the end result of the Home windows protection function. By default, Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2 digitally sign SMB packets. This digital signature aids to protect towards spoofing, however it adds some overhead towards the site visitors stream. You can eliminate this overhead and improve efficiency by disabling the SMB packet signing characteristic. Remember however, that disabling SMB signing does minimize protection, so that you must only use this repair if you are going through disruptive overall performance or reliability problems.

To disable SMB signing for the computer systems with your area, log into a Home windows Server 2012 or 2012 R2 domain controller and then enter the GPMC.MSC command on the server's Run prompt. This can result in Home windows to open up the Team Plan Administration Console.

Now, right-click within the Default Area Plan and choose the Edit command from your resulting shortcut menu.

Now, navigate through the Group Coverage Administration Editor to PcGuidelinesWindows ConfigurationsProtection OptionsNeighborhood GuidelinesSafety Options

Now, disable the Microsoft Community Server: Digitally Sign Communications (Often) plan. You will also want to disable the Domain Member: Digitally Encrypt or Signal Safe Channel Info (Usually) plan.

Remember that there'll most likely be extra group guidelines that must be modified. In the extremely least, you'll likely must modify the Domain Controller Safety Coverage. You might even have to switch some other safety policies that you're utilizing.

So simply how much of a difference does this resolve actually make? To find out, I copied a 2GB file, both prior to and following the resolve.

Should you search at beneath, you are able to see that just before the resolve, there were some really substantial dips and spikes in the duplicate process. Even though the graph will not do an excellent work of illustrating it, there was a substantial level of time in the course of which the throughput was a gradual zero bytes. It took four minutes and eleven seconds to copy a 2GB file. Personally, I'm shocked that the file copied that rapidly. I've certainly witnessed worse overall performance.

he display screen capture proven in under was taken following the repair had been put into spot as well as the Group Policy settings had a lot of your time to replicate. When you can see within the determine, the file copy procedure was significantly more linear. Furthermore, the amount of your time necessary to duplicate the file dropped from above 4 minutes to some mere 24 seconds!

Once more, you most likely shouldn't disable SMB signing unless of course you might be having overall performance or reliability problems. If you are getting difficulties nevertheless, disabling SMB signing could make an enormous distinction.


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Windows Server 2008/2012 Hosting :: The Best Way To Configure PC Backups

clock October 1, 2014 07:05 by author newuser09876

Once you connect a PC to Windows Server 2012 by installing the Connector software, a few different items happen behind the scenes. Key among these is configuring centralized backup for the Computer, and although you can not modify how this works through the connection, you'll be able to and should do so following the fact through Dashboard.

(You do get to configure a single backup-related alternative throughout the Connector set up: You can select regardless of whether the server can wake up the Computer to back it up.)

When a PC is connected, launch the Dashboard and navigate to Devices. Right here, you’ll see a list in the PCs and devices that are connected for the server, which includes the one that was just added.

Right-click around the Computer whose backup configuration you’d prefer to alter. Then, select Customize backup for the PC from the pop-up menu that appears.

Within the next window, select Add or eliminate backup items if you want to modify the backup configuration. Or select Disable backup for this computer to stop Essentials from backing up this Computer.

Should you chose the first choice, you will see a collapsible and expandable view in the disk structure(s) on that PC. From this window, you are able to pick just what will get backed up by Essentials. Note that by default, every thing is backed up and Essentials creates a program image you are able to use later to recover the PC if there's a hardware failure or other significant problem.

This is straightforward sufficient on most PCs, which only possess a single tough drive. But on my desktop PC, I have a 256 GB SSD drive and a 2 TB data disk. So I’ve opted to backup only components of the program.

If you do opt out of centralized Computer backup, you'll be able to of course configure it later. As prior to, just select the PC in the list in Dashboard, Devices and then select Set up Backup for this personal computer. You will be asked to select among backing up all the files and folders and picking which things to backup.

Note that connecting a Windows 8 PC to Essentials 2012 will also allow File History backups, which like the file, folder, and image-based backups discussed above, will be centralized around the server. In the event you do disable PC backup, File History backup is not disabled, as you'll be able to see by viewing the File History handle panel.

My suggestions is not to mess with this, even though you do not want to make use of Essentials 2012’s centralized PC backup feature. (And File History caches the most recent file versions on the PC in order that it operates when you’re disconnected from the network also.)

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SQL 2014 Hosting with :: Semantic Search Functions on SQL 2014 Hosting

clock September 8, 2014 05:59 by author Ben

Introductions Semantic Search

Text mining is also becoming more and more popular. Everybody would like to understand data from blogs, Web sites, and social media. Microsoft SQL Server in versions 2012 and 2014 enhances full-text search support that was substantially available in previous editions. Semantic Search, a new component in Full-Text Search, can help you understand the meaning of documents.

The Semantic Language Statistics Database is a required component for the Statistical Semantic Search feature in Microsoft SQL Server 2014. Statistical Semantic Search provides deep insight into unstructured documents stored in SQL Server databases by extracting and indexing statistically relevant key phrases. Then it also uses these key phrases to identify and index documents that are similar or related.

For example, users can query the index of key phrases to build the taxonomy for an organization, or for a corpus of technical documents. Or for example in an HR scenario, a recruiter can query the document similarity index to identify resumes that match a job description. Semantic Search follows all of the Fulltext index population models to work seamlessly in the existing Fulltext scenarios.

Semantic Search Functions on SQL 2014 Hosting

Here are some search function on semantic that we have to use to our program because it’s can make maximized sql 2014 features.

  •  semantickeyphrasetable (Transact-SQL)

Returns a table with zero, one, or more rows for those key phrases associated with columns in the specified table.

  •  semanticsimilaritydetailstable (Transact-SQL)

Returns a table of zero, one, or more rows of key phrases common across two documents (a source document and a matched document) whose content is semantically similar.

  •  semanticsimilaritytable (Transact-SQL)

Returns a table of zero, one, or more rows for those columns whose content is \semantically similar to a specified document.

How to install Semantic Search Functions on SQL 2014 Hosting

There are some steps that you must completely implemented before using semantic search

1. Install the semantic language statistics database.

Download the appropriate version of the Windows installer package named SemanticLanguageDatabase.msi. This file contains a compressed database file and log file.

Run the SemanticLanguageDatabase.msi Windows installer package to extract the database and log file. You should change the default destination directory to a location where SQL Server has necessary file permissions for attaching a database (SQL Server data folder for example). Optionally, you can move the extracted database file and log file to the preferred location in the file system.

2. Attach the semantic language statistics database.

Attach the database to the instance of SQL Server by using Management Studio or by calling CREATE DATABASE with the FOR ATTACH syntax. By default, the name of the database is semanticsdb. You can optionally give the database a different name when you attach it. You have to provide this name when you register the database in the following step:

ON (FILENAME = 'C:\Microsoft Semantic Language Database\semanticsdb.mdf')


When the semantic language statistics database is extracted, restricted permissions are assigned to the database file and log file in the file system. As a result, the user may not have permission to attach the database. If an error is raised when you try to attach the database, check and fix file system permissions as appropriate.

3. Register the semantic language statistics database.

Call the stored procedure sp_fulltext_semantic_register_language_statistics_db and provide the name that you gave to the database when you attached it:

EXEC sp_fulltext_semantic_register_language_statistics_db @dbname = N'semanticsdb';

Our Special SQL Server 2014 Hosting Complete Features
What we think makes so compelling is how deeply integrated all the pieces are. We integrate and centralize everything--from the systems to the control panel software to the process of buying a domain name. For us, that means we can innovate literally everywhere. We've put the guys who develop the software and the admins who watch over the server right next to the 24-hour Fanatical Support team, so we all learn from each other.


We’re a company that works differently to most. Value is what we output and help our customers achieve, not how much money we put in the bank. It’s not because we are altruistic. It’s based on an even simpler principle. "Do good things, and good things will come to you".

Success for us is something that is continually experienced, not something that is reached. For us it is all about the experience – more than the journey. Life is a continual experience. We see the Internet as being an incredible amplifier to the experience of life for all of us. It can help humanity come together to explode in knowledge exploration and discussion. It is continual enlightenment of new ideas, experiences, and passions

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