ASPHostPortal is a premiere web hosting company that specialized in Windows and ASP.NET-based hosting, announces the deployment of SQL Server 2012 in its web hosting packages. The SQL Server 2012 is brand new database management software from Microsoft that provides robust solutions for businesses to organize and secure company's data in one large-scale framework.

One of the most powerful and recognized SQL database engines available, Microsoft SQL Server provides many different levels of functionality and feature sets, and the latest release includes greater uptime, enhanced query performance, and improved security features. Also included is the new ‘Business Intelligence’ version of the product, and a more scaled-down ‘Express’ version, featuring the new ‘LocalDB’ functionality.

"I am very proud today, as we again have been able to exceed expectations by being able to offer this latest version of SQL Server to our customers so quickly after its official release," said Robert Kruger, CEO of "We continue to offer significant added value to Microsoft products. We prove our existence in this business."

ASPHostPortal offers hosting packages bundle with the SQL Server 2012, including ASP.NET hosting and also our Reseller Hosting. This is to ensure that its customers can always have the latest technology included in their account. Businesses with all of important data from each department need a framework to manage and secure all of that data. And it can be achieved by implementing the SQL Server 2012. This robust data warehouse development merges everything together and makes sure there is no leakage. SQL Server 2012 keeps every data on its place and works as its best.

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