How to Rank the Windows Hosting

To choose the really reliable Windows hosting, we follow the below guidelines.

#Operation System

The web hosting based on Windows server 2012 edition is ranked higher than the previous editions. Windows server 2012 has better performance, better stability, less consumption of system resources and high security. And it supports the best web server IIS 8.0 in Windows platform so far, which integrates with the ASP.NET pipeline much better than IIS 8.5/7.0


#Database System

ASP.NET applications work better with MSSQL than MySQL or PostgreSQL database. And the Windows web hosting supported MSSQL 2008 R2 gets a higher grade than MSSQL2005 and MSSQL2000. Feature and benefits in MSSQL2008 are better than the previous version of MSSQL, such as encrypt to enhance security, data compression to save disk space, parallel computing to accelerate speed, less consumption of system resource, and so on.

#DotNET Framework

The Windows hosting with support to multiple .NET framework versions especially .NET Framework V4 has a higher score in the ranking. The more versions supported the less compatible problems you may encounter, which also provides you more scalability to upgrade the websites later.

#Control Panel

Plesk is ranked as the No.1 control panel for Windows web hosting, and DotNETPanel, H-Sphere and other types have its advantage and disadvantage. We graded these types of control panels with different scores.


Reliability is the factor must be considered. It is evaluated by different criteria, we list these indicators below.

  • Uptime
  • Pre-install anti-virus software
  • Pre-install firewall
  • Network
  • Stable Datacenter

The best Windows web hosting listed above are ranked on these criteria, and all the 3 best windows web hosting truly meet the highest standards, which can powerful enough to run your website.

Pros and Cons of Windows Web Hosting

In fact, the Windows hosting solution is not as popular as the Linux hosting service. To give you a better understanding about this hosting type, we have listed some strong points and weak points of Windows web hosting.

The Strong Points

If your web host is a reliable and quality hosting provider, this hosting type can even achieve a more stable running than the normal Linux hosting solution.
It is surely multilingual that supports multiple scripting languages we have covered nowadays.
This hosting type is surely easy-to-use due to the immense popularity of Microsoft technologies. With it, there is no need to for you run the command line.
If you do not have enough experiences and knowledge of hosting, this type of hosting solution is arguably easier for you for the management tasks.

The Weak Points

Windows hosting is surely expensive. After all, the system of Windows is not free to use, but requires you to pay for the license fee. In addition, Windows can only be got from the official site or a few appointed agents, so there are almost no chances for you to get some lower charges or the attractive promotional campaign.
If you want to install some PHP based plugins, extensions and modules, the Windows hosting may fail to work well due to the compatibility issue.
Generally, PHP cannot work effectively with IIS as compared with Apache. For webmasters who are running a PHP based application, the 500 error might occur constantly.
Your web hosts may give you little flexibility for customizing and configuring your web servers.
If you want to use WordPress to set up and control your website, the Windows hosting service may fail to ensure you a good experience.