Some instances whilst undertaking Calculation within your query you got an error or exception "Divide by Zero" and some time you will have Output value Like NULL So how you can manage these Problem and Exception.

Use NULLIF -To Manage Divide by zero Exception
Use ISNULL -To Show some worth rather of NULL in your output

Below will be the total explanation
select 10/0

in case you run the above query it is going to throw an error

Msg 8134, Level 16, State 1, Line 1
Divide by zero error encountered.

Now to be able to Resolve this we'll use Nullif function

 select nullif (10/ nullif (0,0),0)

Output NULL

Now it's going to not throw an error and your output will likely be null. Explanation: NULLIF function takes two arguments verify wheather they're equal or not if they are equal it'll return NULL as output
IF both expressions are not equal it is going to return the very first expression with identical data kind. Now inside the denominator it checked wheather 0 is equal to 0 The conditon was true it returned Null in denominator. now the expression was like

select Nullif(10/null,0)

now again it will check wheather 10/Null is equal to zero condition fails and you will get.

Output  NULL

Note : AnyNumber divide multiplied,added subtracted with NULL will Resultant to NULL only. Now how to use NULLIF and ISNULL in your Code or in TSQL to avoid exception and NULL Values. In the below code i have used nullif with ISNULL function. For this we will  Create a table

   col1            int   IDENTITY,
   col2      int   NULL,
   col3   int   NULL
INSERT Test_NULLIF1 VALUES(300000, 21);

If you will divide column 3 by column 2 for Row 3 it will throw Divide By zero Exception Run this query to generate error.. select col3/col2  from Test_NULLIF1  where col1 =3

Msg 8134, Level 16, State 1, Line 1
Divide by zero error encountered.

In order to handle this Use nullif function as explained in above example

select nullif(col3/nullif(col2,0),0)  from Test_NULLIF1  where col1 =3

Output NULL

Now You can Use ISNULL function after handling divide by zero exception to give a value when you have output like NULL
for eg like instead of NULL you want to show value like 0 or 1 or anything

select ISNULL(col3/nullif(col2,0),1)  from Test_NULLIF1  where col1 =3

Output 1

Explanation: ISNULL Function takes two argument check wheather first expression is NULL if null provide a replacement for that NULL in second expression it can be any value.
IN query ISNULL checked the first expression it was NULL so it replaced the NULL Value with 1,
and return output  as 1.

IN case if first expression is not null it willl return the first expression value only. .

Test IsNULL function with below queries

Select ISNULL(null,2)

output 2

select isnull(3,1)--as first expression is not null so it returns first value i.e. 3

output 3

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