Windows server is a chain of operating systems. Windows server can be used on business desktop, laptop, computers and servers. It is a widely acknowledged popular server operating system program. It is known for its ability under different application settings. Windows Server hosting bestows many benefits on the end user organization.

Anytime Anywhere Accessibility and Cost-Effective Solution

Using hosted dedicated Windows Server software ensures lot of time and capital saving. Windows Server hosting service provider enables users to access the hosted data at any time from any place. Users of a cloud computing and application hosting service provider only need an Internet connected device such as a laptop or personal computer or an iPhone, etc. This feature provides ease to the user.

It also allows multiple authorized users to access data simultaneously without any trouble. With this feature you can be far away from each other and still work together without any trouble. It improves collaboration between team members and enhances the ultimate output.

Reliable and Scalable

Windows Server host offers a scalable environment so that variations in business demands can be managed with no trouble. This helps user to save resources and improve return on investment. A cloud hosting service vendor provides high quality data center facilities for storing data. The data centers are situated at regions free from the risk of natural calamities. These data centers are well equipped with all the security tools required to keep the data safe.

Windows Server on Cloud Offers Acute Data Security

Windows Server hosting service providers host software via cloud computing technology, they deploy sophisticated security tools and technologies such as superb robust firewalls, top-notch antispyware, ultra sensitive antivirus software and much more. Windows Dedicated Server hosting service vendor also makes use of burglar and threat detection system, round the clock network checking, etc. The data centers are well equipped with highest possible standards.

The architecture of the threat discovery system provides a novel way of intrusion detection. It moves from identifying attacks to detecting threats and their properties. The architecture provides elasticity to the system so that it can be modified according to different environments. It is also able to use third party components when offered. The intrusion detection system detects the attacks on a network. Each attack is indicated by a warning that is forwarded to the threat classifier for further handling. There are many intrusion detection systems available such as Modsecurity, Snort, Bro, and OSSEC.

OSSEC is an open source and host based IDS. It executes log analysis, file integrity inspection, windows registry monitoring, real time alerting, rootkit detection, and active response. It runs on various operating systems, including AIX, Linux, MacOS, Solaris, HP-UX, and Windows operating system.

Technical Support Services

A cloud hosting service provider which offers Windows server Hosting solution provides round the clock support services to its users. The technical support service is generally free of cost. In case of any problem or query users can contact the certified technical experts and get their issue resolved. This feature eliminates the requirement of hiring in-house IT staff.

Rolling Data Backup

Users of cloud computing service provider get thirty days of rolling data backups. So users with Windows server hosting services don’t have to worry about data storage. If data gets lost or damaged then it can be easily retrieved via host’s server.

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